Sous Vide Lemon Chicken and Spiced Lentils

Have you ever eaten a dish so good you’ve thought about it days later, trying to figure out what the heck was in it? That was me this week after eating at The Tasting Kitchen in Santa Monica. The branzino there was deliciously buttery with pine nuts and castelvetrano olives, the steak crusted yet tender and juicy, and the wild boar atop a cheesy polenta … Continue reading Sous Vide Lemon Chicken and Spiced Lentils

Crispy Lemon Brussels Sprouts

It’s really hard to make Brussels sprouts look sexy. In case you haven’t noticed I’m very particular about the way food looks on this blog. I tried to make these look as good as they taste, but may not have done them justice. These little guys are tossed in a blend of seasoned olive oil and balsamic vinegar before roasting, allowing them to crisp up and … Continue reading Crispy Lemon Brussels Sprouts

Adventures in Fresh Pasta

My very first attempt at fresh pasta was such a fiasco the strands of linguine were seasoned with my tears. “God, I’m tired of kneading. Why isn’t this dough feeling ‘elastic’ yet???” Add water. “Oh no, now the the strands keep sticking together as they ooze out of the pasta machine!” Dust next batch with flour. “Why is it crumbling?!” All that energy spent and … Continue reading Adventures in Fresh Pasta