Crispy Lemon Brussels Sprouts

It’s really hard to make Brussels sprouts look sexy. In case you haven’t noticed I’m very particular about the way food looks on this blog. I tried to make these look as good as they taste, but may not have done them justice. These little guys are tossed in a blend of seasoned olive oil and balsamic vinegar before roasting, allowing them to crisp up and … Continue reading Crispy Lemon Brussels Sprouts

A Chimichurri Challenge

Since starting this blog I’ve received a ton of requests for what I should cook next. It’s fun reading the crazy recipes people send me, and a little dangerous because I get the urge to buy more kitchen tools and appliances I probably don’t really need… Among the requests, chimichurri sauce was one of the few that didn’t involve deep frying or wrapping something in bacon … Continue reading A Chimichurri Challenge