Fresh Plum Cake Featuring Imperfect Produce

  A couple years ago, a Facebook friend posted an article on Imperfect Produce, a new start up in the Bay Area, with the mission to reduce food waste. It pains me to see food thrown away, especially perfectly good food; but I’m embarrassed to admit that as much of a foodie as I had proclaimed myself to be, I knew next to nothing about … Continue reading Fresh Plum Cake Featuring Imperfect Produce

Refreshing Lemon Chiffon Cake

Lemons are for summer, and with the season coming to an end, I felt like making my lemon chiffon cake! The cake is fragrant, light and airy, and not too sweet, with just a thin sugar glaze flavored with fresh lemon juice. It’s nice because you don’t feel super full after having a slice! The last time I made lemon chiffon cake was over a year ago, so I … Continue reading Refreshing Lemon Chiffon Cake