Fresh Plum Cake Featuring Imperfect Produce

  A couple years ago, a Facebook friend posted an article on Imperfect Produce, a new start up in the Bay Area, with the mission to reduce food waste. It pains me to see food thrown away, especially perfectly good food; but I’m embarrassed to admit that as much of a foodie as I had proclaimed myself to be, I knew next to nothing about … Continue reading Fresh Plum Cake Featuring Imperfect Produce

Irresistable Chocolate Chip Cookies

My mom tried one of my chocolate chip cookies and said, “Hey, maybe you should teach me how to make these.” Me teach her??? My mom smokes slabs of bacon for fun, bakes her apple pies from scratch and experiments with foods like fried mashed potatoes. I practically pinched myself when she asked for my recipe. Still, everyone asks for my chocolate chip cookie recipe. At least … Continue reading Irresistable Chocolate Chip Cookies